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6th May 2018

For busy Premier Dentists North Devon, Cosmetic Dentist or General Private Dentist in Rural North Devon – Time  away from practice to attend post-graduate courses has to be tempered with trying to ensure that the information gleaned is beneficial and can be acted upon.

BDA Meeting

BDA meeting

We attended Infection Control and Antibiotic Prescribing all day lecture given by Dr. Martin Fulford organised by the North Devon BDA. The day was laid on at Portmore Golf Club, which was a very good venue for a day’s post-graduate education, the only distraction being the golfers going out to enjoy the lovely sunshine and be challenged by the stiff breeze blowing Great to be met by one of our wonderful patients Helen Short who was in charge of the catering for the day and served up a lovely coffee to get the brain fired up.

I thought I would share some of the topics learnt from the day and how they will shape things in the future  at Whitehall Dental Practice.

The over-riding message was that nothing has changed in the regulations since an amendment to the cross-infection regulations (HTM 0105) in 2013. Those that read CQC report here for Premier Dentists North Devon, will know that we were fully compliant with these regulations.

There were some interesting points made through the day and Premier Dentists North Devon will share them here.


TB Bacteria

TB bacteria

Tuberculosis is on the increase and the disease is changing so that the BCG is no longer fully effective. The increased cases tend to be in cities – the incidence in the South West is very low – but if you were to be diagnosed with TB, we would have to wait a minimum of 2 weeks of you receiving treatment before any dental treatment could be provided. 

Norovirus, as you all probably know, is extremely infectious and the virus can hang around on surfaces for some time. We have now instigated a new practice policy for our staff members who come down with a sickness bug and we will be putting alcohol hand rub in the practice toilets for your use. 

Cold sores – up to 93% of the population carry the virus responsible. If you are unfortunate to suffer from cold sores, please make sure you do not touch your eyes if you have an outbreak as it can cause spread which can damage your eyes.

It cannot have escaped attention that the incidence of anti-biotic resistance is rising rapidly. With some bacteria, the levels of resistance have reached 20% in the UK. In countries with little limitation on anti-biotic prescribing, such as China and India, the level of some bacteria’s resistance to anti-biotics has reached 80%. This would obviously have devastating effects if we cannot control infections. We are strongly encouraged to minimise antibiotic prescribing and there are stricter guidelines for antibiotic use, which may affect how we manage a dental infection. 



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