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Digital Scanner at Whitehall-Dental Practice

21st October 2017

How has digital scanning at Whitehall-Dental Practice impacted care ?

Here at Whitehall-Dental Practice one of the most important benefits of our  TRIOS® intraoral scanner is improving the patient experience. We have all been to the dentist and at one time or another needed an impression. It’s not fun. The ability to offer digital impressions instead has become a massive advantage to our Clinicians and Patients at Whitehall-Dental Practice.
A patient with a strong gag reflex offers a serious and very real problem particularly when advanced restorative work is contemplated.
Fear of gagging during impression taking is a common phobia and has lead to avoidance of the procedure and often non-attendance .
We are able to complete the intraoral scan by stopping and starting a few times giving you a break to relax. You will be, needless to say, overwhelmed by the results and ease of the procedure.

Do Whitehall-Dental patients prefer digital?

Taking digital impressions is more comfortable for you. It is so much faster to digitally scan a mouth. It goes by so quick and there’s no plastic gooey mess.
Times have changed. Intraoral scanning with TRIOS® is really very fast. Even compared to the market’s other intraoral scanners. The whole process has become much faster and according our patients, “less threatening.”
The technology catches the attention of our patients – they ask questions and become very engaged with treatment. Being treated by a top-modern facility with the best equipment – TRIOS® and taking digital impressions makes the visit a much more comfortable experience for you.

Are there other advantages for Whitehall-Dental patients?

The accuracy of digital impressions and the resulting crowns means a much better fitting restoration. The accuracy also cuts down on the need for remakes. Your visits are quicker and you don’t have to come back for adjustments.So besides your comfort, digital speed and accuracy are huge advantages.
Another interesting benefit when working with 3D digital color impressions is that we can show you what is going in your mouth.


Picture of Digital Crown scan


 Advantages of the digital technology at Whitehall-Dental Practice ?

Like other industries, the biggest benefit to digitalization is efficiency due to its accuracy and speed. From measuring distances and creating for example, a crown using CAD/CAM technology, is more precise than an impression. Your impression could break, expand or distort. We are starting your analysis with a precision 3D digital impression of your mouth. Any measurements or calculations we make are spot-on because they are digital.

Our analysis  of the digital model in terms of its quality can be done during or immediately after the scan.
If the scan is of a non-satisfactory quality we can repeat it immediately.We don’t need to re-prepare an impression tray. There is no need for us to mix the impression material again. Indeed you don’t have to suffer a further impression !
Intra Oral scanners are easy to disinfect and the corresponding scanning tips may also be autoclaved.
Your digital model is always available in the same original quality.
There are no waste products by performing intraoral scans. This is a significant advantage in terms of sustainability and resource conservation

Simply put, digital technology is further revolutionising your dental care at Whitehall-Dental Practice.



Picture of TRIOS® ScannerShe’d matching on a Digital Scam



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